Friday, 20 July 2012

Mako shark surprises diver and blue marlin

While on a Guy Harvey Expedition off Cat Island in the Bahamas, diver and shark expert, Jim Abernethy was filming a blue marlin underwater when he got a surprise visit from a massive 10ft. long, 600 lb. mako shark.

Source: DrGuyHarvey

Surprise of a lifetime: Rebecca B sobs uncontrollably at surprise

Woman sobs uncontrollably at the surprise return of her husband, a U.S. army soldier.

Watermelon explosion: The Slow Mo Guys take on a watermelon

Rubber bands vs Water Melon - The Slow Mo Guys: Gav ( @GavinFree ) and Dan ( @DanielGruchy ) forgot to bring a knife to the picnic. Thankfully they brought 500 elastic bands. Shot at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex.